It is impossible to
think together.

Imagine you could share your thoughts, and someone would pick them up, shape them and play them back. Imagine you could let your thoughts grow. Together, co-creatively. Imagine there was a process and a space for this interaction. Imagine – there is: the ThinkBox by Mondi.


You cannot
simply be creative.

The ThinkBox is designed to be a source of insights, inspiration, vision and change in the corrugated packaging industry. You cannot be part of the change.

Successful change is a matter of respect, of respecting the opinions and needs of your stakeholders, external factors, production realities, legislation, society and the environment.

We have designed a process to address every aspect of modern packaging challenges and, in the ThinkBox, given it a home. It’s a place where you can meet experts, find inspiration and originate design solutions. 

In our special workshops you can benefit from the experience of multi-award winning designers, who guide your team through a co-creative design process that is reflected in the methods, tools and functions of the ThinkBox facility.

The ThinkBox is not only a place, but also an immersive creative experience with a clear outcome: a creative solution to a complex packaging challenge that balances and even exceeds the defined needs, requirements and expectations.


There is no
room for creativity.

ThinkBox is a hybrid space that facilitates inspiration, insight, learning and problem solving. It’s a forum where designs are created and optimised, and a place that brings people and minds together, either physically in workshops or events, or digitally through Webex or interactive webinars.


Think Co-Creation.

Made for collaboration, the ThinkBox provides a perfect environment for overcoming obstacles to business success. Under the guidance of an experienced facilitator, carefully assembled project groups experience eureka moments by navigating an exciting journey, from exploration to idea and concrete packaging solution, together with our expert designers.


Each project follows one of three workshop blueprints customised on the basis of interviews and a joint exchange and analysis together with the relevant stakeholders. Live participation is unbeatable for exploring and discovering the potential of novel solutions.


You cannot

You cannot
see the whole picture.

Perspective is the key to the solution.

To prepare your workshop, we need to explore the issue at hand and pinpoint the target. To maximise impact and avoid risks, information gathering involves stakeholders and the people who understand all touch points of the products concerned.

This gives the group a solid and impartial platform for efficient creativity and decision-making. And – of course – it’s the first source of inspiration for the project. Because good information is key to great solutions.


It is hard to

It is hard to
find inspiration.

Setting the stage in our theatre.

After a coffee and a short welcome and introduction by the host, we dive right into the process. In the first stage we discuss the fundamental requirements of the project and share our inspirations.

The host then offers possible solutions and examples from our extensive library of current benchmark designs in order to pinpoint trends and differentiators.

Together we explore the possibilities, find similarities and identify differences. Combining the findings with the inspirations shared at the outset ultimately delivers the perfect solution.


You cannot

You cannot
be creative.

Everyone is creative.

During the creation stage, experts from our design team present initial prototypes for evaluation and benchmarking. These are then refined and re-evaluated through instant sampling. But don’t worry, you’re not alone – our experts help you to maximise your design potential. You make prototypes and test them in our lab and, by way of product lifecycle mapping, we reveal unforeseen impacts of refinements made during the design journey to ensure that all the stakeholders, from production and logistics to sales, remain on board.


You cannot

You cannot
be sure.

Make the right decisions.

Anyone who’s been involved in creative projects knows how difficult it is to reach decisions. The initial discussion and gathering of information enable the group to base their decisions on quantified impact/quality data, rather than on preferences or departmental priorities.

Decisions made in this way are qualified, comprehensive and relevant. They are also sustainable – because all the stakeholders are involved and there is clear evidence to support the expected results, the design will satisfy the minimum viable product requirement and is unlikely to be rejected.

Think Skills.

The ThinkBox is also a space for hosting a variety of training courses and skill transfer events. Face-to-face, digital, interactive with practical and tangible demonstrations – always a great learning or upskilling experience.

Student assignment weeks.

A reality check examining the latest theories originated in universities. Our experts contribute their experience to the unspoiled thoughts of the next generation of talented designers.

Corrugated training.

Understanding the ins and outs of corrugated is important. Learn about the different aspects and possibilities of corrugated production and packaging, and how they are relevant to your specific end-use or target.

Supported by Mondi’s integrated value chain from forestry to containerboard and box, our offering also includes the defining details of our base material, namely paper.

Think Verification.

Rapid prototyping and testing with the latest equipment allow us to provide on-site proof of concept, discuss new solutions in depth, and make qualified decisions based on the performance data of simulated real-life scenarios.

Performance and ISTA testing.

Any weak point of a design needs to be identified early in the process, before real-life proofing. Diligent impact and performance testing avoids the risk of product breakages and claims, and thus reduces costs and reputational damage. Test results also help to assess areas for improvement.

Besides their own testing facilities, all ThinkBox locations have access to our ISTA certified test lab located at Mondi Bupak, which offers an array of safe transit testing, including ISTA 6 Overbox and SIOC. 


Mondi’s experts continue to offer support even after a prototype leaves the ThinkBox for production and supply chain trials.

Think Inspiration.

Thanks to its flexible configuration, the ThinkBox can be transformed into a spacious venue for packaging insight talks, congresses and panel discussions. But thanks to cutting-edge streaming technology, the ThinkBox is also a forum for inspiration, even when you’re not in town.

Insight events

Meet industry experts or learn from the experience of your peers. Connect with important stakeholders and benefit from their knowledge. Meetings in the ThinkBox give you a great opportunity to find the inspiration you need to take your business to the next level.

Interactive webinars.

Hear from our experts or peers about the details of successful packaging in your sector, or new drivers in the packaging industry. Knowledge and insights relating to hot topics are brought right to your desk in our webinars from the ThinkBox.

Design thinking groups.

Focus groups enable us to discover the hidden desires of users and find solutions for overlooked problems.


You cannot
visit the ThinkBox...

Let’s think not outside, but inside the box. We have introduced ThinkBoxes in several locations in our markets. They vary in size and specification, but are all designed for one purpose: to solve your packaging challenges.

Mondi now has a great network of ThinkBoxes in CEE and Turkey. The flagship ThinkBox at one of Mondi Corrugated’s principal eCommerce hubs – Mondi Bupak – offers more than 600 sqm of space for engagement and shared experiences, and is attached to the recently opened ISTA laboratory. 

Mondi Ansbach’s ThinkBox in Germany has special expertise in heavy-duty packaging, and Mondi Turkey specialises in new ideas for the changing retail environment and fresh produce packaging.

Interested in a bespoke workshop?

Please contact your Account Manager at Mondi Corrugated.

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